Placing Europe in the Museum

Migration is a topic of increasing importance for museums, including our own. A conference taking place today in Newcastle (UK) as part of the European Museums in an Age of Migrations (MeLA) project looks specifically at museum displays as they adapt to show social interaction in greater complexity:

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Doing Something Wrong

In a video interview, architect MJ Long, like Kitaj an American in London, remembers remodelling Kitaj’s house in Chelsea, and posing for his pictures:

“I found sitting for [Kitaj] actually much more disconcerting than being his architect. You just feel as though you’ve done something wrong, somehow, especially if it isn’t going well, which he makes very clear. […] Before and after it was delightful, because he would always want to sit and talk, but while he was actually working I found it quite intimidating.”

For more on R.B. Kitaj, see: