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Summercamp at the museum
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Nadja Rentzsch

Summer Vacation Camp

Day 1: Raise the Curtain for the Kamishibai!

Kami-shibai (translation: paper-theater) stems from Japan and is a special form of storytelling that we would like to explore with you.

In tents in the Museum Garden, you will look at special children’s books and test your storytelling skills. With the Kamishibai frame you built yourself and the pictures you painted, you will then artfully illustrate the story of the book and present it to your audience, who will not only want to listen but will also be eager to see your pictures.

Day 2: Spinning Yarns – »There once was a rabbi or an elephant…«

In our holiday tents, mysterious items have surfaced. They belong to individuals who you have not heard of yet. Who were these people and how did they live?

On a guided tour, you go on the trail of these unknown people and continue to weave the story of their lives.

Making use of homemade costumes and props, you slip into the roles of the characters of your story and unpack your acting talent on the theatre stage in the Museum Garden.

Days 3 and 4: Sound Kitchen – »A boat is coming…«

Day 1: Ears sometimes see more than eyes. You don’t believe it? Following a ‘sound stroll’ through the museum, you will make sounds with various things and have the others guessing what those things are. Then we will read you a poem in several languages and you will transform what you have heard into images. By the end of the first workshop day, you will have produced your own trick animation and be amazed at the pictures that can arise from a poem.

Day 2: Did you know that you can make the sound of a human heartbeat with a normal towel? This and other such recipes will be revealed in the Sound Kitchen on the second day. With expert training in the world of sounds, you will then put sounds to your trick animation from the previous day with the aid of a computer program. Your parents and friends are welcome to attend the film première in the afternoon!


Jewish Museum Berlin
Lindenstr. 9-14
10969 Berlin


8 to 12 years

Number of participants

Max. of 15 participants for each workshop


Day tickets: 15 euros including admission fee, lunch and materials (All workshops can be booked individually)



Contact & registration

Nadja Rentzsch
Tel.: +49 (0)30 259 93 437
E-mail: n.rentzsch[at]jmberlin.de

Dates for the Summer Vacation Camp Program:

Camp I: 2-5 July 2013
Camp II: 9-12 July 2013
Camp III: 30 July - 2 August 2013

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