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Online Request For School And Youth Groups

Important Note

You are welcome to make a tour date by phone. We can then advise you on the tour themes, the workshops, and the other programs we offer.

In order for the tour to begin punctually, it is necessary for the group to arrive 30 minutes before the designated time. Please take this extra half hour into account when planning the trip.

Since most school groups prefer morning appointments, please also provide us with an alternative date if possible a midday, afternoon, or evening one (up to two hours before the Museum closes). The further you plan ahead, the greater the likelihood that your desired appointment time will be possible. We recommend that you book 4-6 weeks in advance.

Tours for children © Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Sönke Tollküh

Antje Spielhagen
Tel.: +49 (0)30 259 93 305*
Fax: +49 (0)30 259 93 412
E-mail: groups[at]jmberlin.de

* (Mo-Fr 10 am to 4 pm)

Online Tour Request

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When suggesting alternative dates, please consider that it is easier for us to schedule appointments after 11.30 am.


Please select the appropriate number of different tour themes for your group from the following list*:

The Jewish World in the Middle Ages - more Women in Judaism - more Town, Country, Court - more Moses Mendelssohn and the Promise of the Enlightenment - more Emancipation and Reform: German Jews in the 19th Century - more Jewish Life and Traditions (please note that due to the way the objects are situated in the exhibition, this tour cannot take place at the same time as the tour "What Do Judaism and Islam Have in Common?") - more What Do Judaism and Islam Have in Common? (please note that due to the way the objects are situated in the exhibition, this tour cannot take place at the same time as the tour "Jewish Life and Traditions") - more Start of the Modern Age - more The Jewish Response to National Socialism - more Halakah and Braided Bread (Tour for Children) - more The Crazy Crooked House: Daniel Libeskind for Children - more
Further programs

The following programs require more detailed advance information. We will contact you should you be interested in one or more of the following programs.

Combination Tour "Survival through Music" - more Combination Tour "Next Year in Jerusalem" (in German only) - more Combination Tour "The Revolution of 1848 and the Jewish Emancipation" (in German only) - more Project Day "Yoffi means great!", introductory Hebrew Course (in German only) - more Archive Workshop (in German only) Theatre "Workshop Forced into Exile" - more "It Was As Simple As That" - Workshop on Jewish Childhood and Youth After 1945 (in German only) - more Project Day for Students on Anti-Semitism (in German only) Training Courses for Teachers: Learning at the Jewish Museum Berlin - more
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