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Presentation of the film "Kosher—don
Presentation of the film "Kosher—don't they have that in Islam, too?" on March 2, 2009, at the Jewish Museum Berlin
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"Kosher—Don’t They Have That in Islam, Too?"

A different kind of student exchange: a meeting between two Berlin classes

In June 2007 the Jewish Museum Berlin launched a mobile program entitled "on.tour—The JMB Tours Schools." Since that time it has traveled throughout Germany and entered into discussions with a large number of young people. Even though school classes are highly diverse, students often know little about their classmates. The narratives from the museum provided an opportunity to discuss personal stories and made the young people curious about fellow students' origins and cultures.

This gave the on.tour team the idea to organize a student exchange in Berlin. After all, even in a multicultural city like Berlin, which is inhabited by people of many different backgrounds, residents often live in parallel worlds and do not interact. Prejudices and fears can make it difficult for people to get to know each other. In cooperation with Deutsche Welle TV, on.tour filmed a meeting between two eleventh-grade classes in the city. Students at the Albrecht Dürer Gymnasium in the immigrant district of Neukölln, which is characterized by great ethnic diversity, got to know peers from the Jewish High School in Berlin's Mitte district, which teaches Jewish culture and tradition.

The project was exemplary in many ways. The positive outcome is reflected in the self-initiative shown by students, who organized additional meetings without the film team. It can also be seen in the film "Kosher—don't they have that in Islam, too?" This documentary gives all audiences, not just students, valuable insight into foreign cultures. All in all, the project was a successful lesson in tolerance.

The film is twenty-six minutes long and available in German, English and Arabic. If you are interested, you can view the German version online at www.dw-world.de.

Participants in the student exchange project "Kosher—don’t they have that in Islam, too?"
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Image from the film "Kosher—don’t they have that in Islam, too?"
Image from the film "Kosher—don’t they have that in Islam, too?"
© DW-TV 2009

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