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Our on.tour team looks forward to visiting your school
The on.tour bus and team
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Cornelius M. Braun

The JMB Tours Schools

The Jewish Museum Berlin has welcomed well over 700,000 visitors to its permanent and temporary exhibitions annually since it opened in 2001. A large proportion of them are young people, school children, and students. Since there are a lot more young people in Germany who may not have the chance to come to Berlin, but whom we would like to show and tell something about our Museum, we have made part of the Museum mobile and launched the project "on.tour – The Jewish Museum Berlin tours Schools."

During the course of the project so far, we have visited schools in every federal state in our on.tour bus. Our personal encounters with the school pupils enable us to awaken their interest and enthusiasm for German-Jewish history, and it is our hope that in this way we encourage unprejudiced and critical thought. The purpose of our travels is of course to reach people who have not yet visited the Museum, but also to arouse their curiosity about what is shown there.

After our success over the past seven years, we will once again be going "on.tour" in 2016. We would like to invite secondary schools to apply for an on.tour visit in 2016. The program is free.


Katja Oelschläger
Tel.: +49 (0)30 259 93 315
Fax: +49 (0)30 259 93 328
E-mail: ontour[at]jmberlin.de

The "on.tour – The Jewish Museum Berlin tours Schools" project was awarded the prize "Selected Place 2009" by the "Land of Ideas."


... and what else is on?

Next Year in Jerusalem. Tour on Jewish life and traditions

Following the tour, the knowledge gained will be solidifed interactively: The pupils will plan a kosher menu and learn about Pesach as well as Sabbath, the significant Jewish holiday.

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Kosher – What is it? A downloadable information leaflet