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Veranstaltung am 8. Februar 2010

Montagskino zur Sonderausstellung »Koscher & Co.«

»Food, Inc.«

Foto: Ansicht der Ausstellung »Koscher & Co.«

Ansicht aus der Sonderausstellung »Koscher & Co. Über Essen und Religion«, Raum »Identitäten«
© Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto: Jens Ziehe

Documentary, USA 2008, duration 94 min.
directed by Robert Kenner

What do we know about the food we eat every day? Too little, thought
Robert Kenner, and decided to expose the food industry’s irresponsible methods of production. This is an industry which, in order to preserve its own profits, is not merely content to endanger the livelihood of so many farmers and countless farm workers; in addition, the hard-nosed economic concerns that govern large food companies also threaten the well-being of consumers. With its powerful imagery, Food Inc. portraits an upcoming catastrophe – and the consumer’s potential to stem the tide.


8. Februar 2010, 19:30 Uhr


Altbau EG, Auditorium


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