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Veranstaltung am 7. Juli 2010

David Krakauer
A musical and personal journey through klezmer

Konzert im Rahmen des Kultursommers 2010

Foto: David Krakauer

David Krakauer
© Jean Marc Lubrano


7. Juli 2010, 19 Uhr


Glashof EG


10 Euro, erm. 7 Euro


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Stefan Krauss
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Starting in the late 1980s David Krakauer began a personal and musical journey through klezmer: the celebration music of his Eastern European Jewish ancestry. Through that journey he traveled the world, established himself as one of the leading performers of klezmer and came closer to a deeper understanding of his cultural identity. As a clarinetist, band leader, composer and soloist Krakauer has collaborated with a diverse cross section of world renowned artists including Itzhak Perlman, Fred Wesley, the Kronos Quartet, Socalled, John Zorn and Iva Bittová. Krakauer will talk with the musicologist Hyacinthe Ravet about this journey and illustrate by playing live along with examples from his many ground breaking recordings.

In cooperation with the Centre Marc Bloch.

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