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of Our Permanent Exhibition

Going Down…
The Way to the Permanent Exhibition
Stairs going down

Stairwell to the lower level
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Thomas Bruns

Unlike in most museums, the way to the permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin is downstairs.

The connection between the Baroque building through which one enters the museum and the new building designed by Daniel Libeskind which houses the exhibitions is underground. Dark and winding are the stairs that symbolically link the past, present, and future of German-Jewish coexistence.

Daniel Libeskind said of his architecture: "What is important is the experience you get from it. The interpretation is open."

"Jews are not welcome"
Emigrants’ Stories
Matters of Faith
On Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
The Shabbat Table
The Objects of the Day of Rest
Oh Christmas Tree!
The Christmas Tree as a Symbol of Positioning Oneself
Folders – for Leafing Through and Learning
"Prince of Science"
The Medical Doctor Paul Ehrlich
"What would you take with you?"
Not Only for Children!
Paths to Exile
A Media Installation on Flight from Nazi Germany
"On Trial: Auschwitz / Majdanek"
The Newest Chapter of the Permanent Exhibition
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