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From Berlin to Tel Aviv. The Photographer Frieda Mayer

Showcase Exhibition

Entrance to the port of Jaffa, 1930ies
© Sammlung Rivka D. Mayer

Frieda Mayer's private photographs show an insider perspective of the city of Tel Aviv. The Berlin-born photographer left her hometown with her husband and son for Tel Aviv in 1933. She recorded the departure from Berlin, the passage from Italy to Palestine on the "Vulcania," and beginning anew in Tel Aviv.

Her inquisitive photographic perspective captures city sights, street scenes, and portraits. She photographed numerous events from her studio on the first floor of Allenby Street, the city's main street until well into the 1930s. Frieda Mayer left around 800 original negatives. A selection of 32 of her photographs from the 1930s to 1950s will be on show alongside biographical photography and documents. The camera she used most frequently will also be exhibited – a medium format Zeiss Ikon.


14 May to 16 August 2009


Libeskind Building, basement, Rafael Roth Learning Center in the permanent exhibition


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Frieda Mayer was born in Berlin in 1892 and grew up in an assimilated Jewish family. She received her photographic training at the Lette Photographic Academy in Berlin. In Tel Aviv, she continued her work as a photographer with her own studio for photography and design. She died in Tel Aviv in 1971.

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