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1Open Tours 2The bubales - Hanukkah Show! Open Tours
3Monday Movies 45Book presentation with Iris Berben 678The bubales - Hanukkah Show! Open Tours Hanukkah 9HanukkahOpen Tours
10Hanukkah11HanukkahJutta Schwerin: Ricarda's Daughter 12Hanukkah13Hanukkah14Hanukkah15HanukkahThe bubales - Hanukkah Show! Open Tours 16Open Tours
171819202122Open Tours 23Open Tours
252627The bubales - Hanukkah Show! 2829Open Tours 30Open Tours


Long Museum Night 2008, light show "Leuchtgarten" (glowing garden)
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Svea Pietschmann, Berlin

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