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Academy Programs

on Migration and Diversity

Entrance of the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Entrance of the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

The academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin is expanding the scope of the museum activities by introducing a program about migration and diversity. Through different kinds of events - lectures, conferences, workshops, and panel discussions - the academy creates a platform for the discussion of Germany as an immigration country and the associated pluralization of society.

Upcoming events
27 January 2015
The Realignment of "Education after Auschwitz" in Immigration Society
Book presentation and panel discussion marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
12 February 2015
How to Handle the Discrimination of Sinti and Roma?
Talk and panel discussion
26 February 2015
Possessed Bodies: Secular Body Politics and the German Circumcision Debate
10 March 2015
Osama bin Laden schläft bei den Fischen (Osama bin Laden is sleeping with fishes)
Reading and discussion with Ahmad Milad Karimi as part of the series "New German Stories"
Past events
19 January 2015

A Shared View of Europe - Jewish and Muslim Experiences as Reflected in Public Controversies
Further information on this event.

11 + 12 December 2014

Contemporary Jewish life in a global modernity: Comparative European perspectives on a changing diaspora
International Conference (in English)
Further information on this event.

4 December 2014

Snip it?!
Presentation of a study on the circumcision debate followed by a discussion as part of the Judeo-Islamic Forum
Further information on this event.

27 + 28 November 2014

"Media and Minorities. Questions on Representation from an International Perspective" - International conference in cooperation with the Council on Migration (Rat für Migration)
Further information on this event.

6 November 2014

Jetzt wächst zusammen, was zusammen gehört?
"Is what belongs together, now growing together?" Social minorities’ viewpoints on the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Further information on this event.

21 October 2014

10 Years – Berlin-Brandenburg Migration Council
A multi-generational conversation about history, common struggles, and vision
Further information on this event.

12 October 2014

A Sephardic-Arabic Concert as part of the Jewish-Islamic Forum
Further information on this event.

9 September 2014

The "Koscher Light" Generation. Young Russian-speaking Jews in Berlin
Reading and Discussion with Alina Gromova
Further information on this event.

8 July 2014

Film Showing and Discussion with Canan Turan. Part of the Series "New German Stories"
Further information on this event.

19 June 2014

Islam in Europe. Contemporary controversies, genealogical continuities
Panel discussion
Further information on this event.

16 May 2014

Dealing with Images and Prohibition of Images in Judaism and Islam. Symposium as Part of the Jewish-Islamic Forum.
Further information on this event.

13 May 2014

Deutsch sein und schwarz dazu (Being German and Black as well). Erinnerungen eines Afro-Deutschen (Memories of an Afro-German). Reading and Discussion in the Series "New German Stories".
Further information on this event.

7 + 8 April 2014

Concepts of Citizenship and Participation in European Comparison. Symposium in Cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
Further information on this event.

20 March 2014

"InderKinder" - On Growing up and Living in Germany
Reading and Discussion with Urmila Goel and Nisa Punnamparambil-Wolf
Further information on this event.

20 February 2014

Is Higher Education a Safeguard Against Racism and Antisemitism?
Presentation of a Study followed by Panel Discussion
Further information on this event.

15 January 2014

"New German Stories"
"We, the new Germans - Who we are, what we want"
Reading and Discussion with Alice Bota, Khuê Pham und Özlem Topçu
Further information on this event and a post on our blog about the series "New German Stories" can be found here.

5 + 6 December 2013

Social Exclusion and Politics of Anti-Discrimination and Minority Empowerment in Europe and the U.S. Conference in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the British Council.
Further information and a recording of this event can be found here.

22 November 2013

Quo vadis Migration Politics? Panel Discussion. The panel discussion was part of the symposium "Migration and Integration Politics Today." A cooperation with the Migration Council.
On our blog, you will find a report about the symposium and further information on this event is available here.

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