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23 April 2009

Panel Discussion:
Ethical Guidelines in Research Institutions Today

Researchers’ undaunted investigation of the undiscovered always faces the question of breaking conventions. Overstepping boundaries in the life sciences regularly sparks public debate on the observation of ethical norms. Moral reasoning, the inviolability of human dignity and human life as laid down by constitutional law, and particularly historical experience of medical and biological scientific research during the Nazi era, shape the debate in Germany.
Who sets the limits of scientific research in institutions? How much sense do standardized ethical norms in science make? A panel of representatives from key research institutions discuss ethical concepts, their significance and their limits in the cross-linked world of science.
Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten (Charité Berlin), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Burger (Robert Koch Institute, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Carola Sachse (Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna) und Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber (Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg)
Moderator: Harald Asel (rbb)


23 April 2009, 7 pm


Old Building, 2nd level, Concert Hall



A recording of the event will be broadcast as part of the series "Forum - die Debatte im Inforadio" on 26 April 2009

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