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24 January 2010

Concert: "The Most Colorful Chaos"
Wanderer Between Worlds

Photo: Woodcut: Conrad Felixmüller, the composer Erwin Schulhoff

Woodcut: Conrad Felixmüller, the composer Erwin Schulhoff, Prague 1924
© Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg, VG Bild-Kunst

Born in Prague in 1894, Erwin Schulhoff is considered one of the most stylistically diverse composers of the 20th century, as expressed by the "Kommunistische Manifest" among others. His contact to artists such as Otto Dix and George Grosz resulted in completely new musical approaches spanning a spectrum from jazz through neo-classicism to expressionism. Schulhoff’s life and influence reflect the diversity of Jewish art and culture, defamed by the Nazis as "degenerate." The Berliner Philharmonic and the Alkan Ensemble unite to provide insight into the visionary’s fascinating world of sound.


24 January 2010, 4 pm


Glass Courtyard on ground level


10 euros, reduced rate 7 euros


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