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17 April 2010

"Before Words"
A Choreographic Installation in the Special Exhibition

Program surrounding the special exhibition "Flight and Metamorphosis"

Photo: Ceramic figurine of the dancer Niddy Impekoven

Ceramic figurine of the dancer Niddy Impekoven
© Sammlung Weilinger, Vienna

"My greatest wish as a child was to become a dancer. Dance was how I expressed myself before I had words. My innermost element" wrote Nelly Sachs to a friend in 1959. Young dancers have joined Sabine Zahn, a choreographer from Berlin, in an intensive, week-long project devoted to the emotional worlds and inner views of Nelly Sachs’ poetry. Text becomes movement, movement becomes space. Accompanied by sound collages and relating closely to the exhibition segments, choreographic miniatures emerge that guide visitors into a world of "inner elements."


17 April 2010, 4 and 6 pm


20 mins


Libeskind Building, ground level, Eric F. Ross Gallery


Birgitta Schmidt
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