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5 September 2010

From Monument to Miniment
A Tour to Works and Projects by the Sculptor Micha Ullman

Photo: "Blatt" (Leaf) 1997 (Installation)

"Blatt" (Leaf) 1997 (Installation)
© Micha Ullmann / Zvi Hecker / Eyal Weizmann, photo: Jason Krassab-Bachi

It was his memorial to the book burning at Bebelplatz, the underground cubic sculpture entitled "Library" from 1995 that brought Micha Ullman fame. Five years previously, he had created the steel cube entitled "Nobody" that can now be found at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Not far from there, Ullman and two architects brought a Synagogue Memorial Site into being in the courtyard of an office building. "Leaf" is the name of the installation of stone benches overgrown with vegetation. Born in Tel Aviv in 1939 to German emigrants, Micha Ullman – an archaeologist of remembrance – searches for his materials in the pit, in the earth, in empty space.


5 September 2010, 3, 3.30, and 4 pm


2 hours

Meeting Point

St. Matthäus am Kulturforum


15 euros


Tel: +49 (0)30 817047 26
Fax: +49 (0)30 817047 27

Following the tour, a discussion with Micha Ullman will be held in the Marienkirche, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 8.

Organized in cooperation with the St. Matthew Foundation and the Mendelssohn Society.

Registration required.

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