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9 October 2010

Divine Musical Art! – Long Night of the Nibelung:
The Jews and Their Wagner

Concert Workshop Talks

Photo: Mirjam Horwitz and Giuseppe Becce in "Richard Wagner," 1913

Mirjam Horwitz and Giuseppe Becce in "Richard Wagner," 1913
© Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation


9 October 2010, 7 pm


4 hours with 2 breaks


Glass Courtyard, ground level


15 euros, reduced rate 10 euros


Tel: +49 (0)30 259 93 488

Rejection or adoration? Richard Wagner demonizes "Jewish" music and pilfers tunes from Jews, many of whom pay homage to his Germanic savior trash. In the gaga operetta "Die lustigen Nibelungen" (The merry Nibelung), Jewish parodists make fun of Wagner’s world. In the first Wagner biopic (1913), a Jew plays Wagner’s lover. Thomas Mann’s brother-in-law of Jewish origin composes chamber music on the "Tristan" theme. Wagner performances are still considered an insult in Israel. Thomas Lackmann discusses this strange Jewish-German story of love and hate with the journalist Christine Lemke-Matwey accompanied by "Hanns Eisler" students, Michael Halfmann’s Schellack documents and historical film material.

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