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26 December 2010

Klezmer Concert: Klezmer chidesch

Musical Sundays at the Hanukkah Market

The four musicians of Klezmer chidesch

Klezmer chidesch
© Klezmer chidesch, photo: S. Tchekhovska


26 December 2010, 2 and 4 pm


Glass Courtyard, ground level, at the Hanukkah Market




Gesa Struve
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Klezmer chidesch – the "klezmer miracle" of international renown brings a buoyant and soul-stirring atmosphere to every music hall with its swift pace. The four musical souls unite nostalgia, melancholy, love, and cheer in the attitude to life that is klezmer. Mixing classic elements with groovy jazz rhythms, they let improvisations of Hasidic tunes and Jewish folk songs flow into their music.

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