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31 January 2011

The History of Jews and Dönme in Turkey

Part of the series "Discussions on Jewish Past and Present"


31 January 2011, 7.30 pm


Old Building, second level, Great Hall


free with tickets (available at the cash desk)

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Birgitta Schmidt
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Three hundred years ago, supporters of Rabbi Schabbtai Zwi founded their own religious group. Following the example of their Messiah, they converted to Islam and became so-called "Dönme" (Turkish: converted). How were their relations with the Jewish community in the Ottoman Empire? What role do the two minorities play in the history of the Turkish republic?
The Turcologist Corry Guttstadt and the historian Marc Baer address these and other questions at this evening event.

Organized in cooperation with the Center for Modern Oriental Studies.

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