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Does Racism Belong in Germany? And if so, why?

19 September 2012

A discussion featured in the new series "Visions of Belonging"
By means of the discussion series "Visionen der Zugehörigkeit" (Visions of Belonging), the Jewish Museum Berlin, advised by DeutschPlus e.V., creates a forum for a productive dialogue, in which visions and actions for an increasingly plural German society can be developed.

Nuran Yigit, Mark Terkessidis and Isabel Schayani (left to right)

Nuran Yigit, Mark Terkessidis and Isabel Schayani (left to right)
© Derya Ovali / private / WDR - Annika Fußwinkel

While the country is currently debating whether Islam belongs in Germany, we are asking: does racism belong in Germany? And to what extent is it rooted in society? The series of murders by German Nationalists that came to light in 2011 and the failure of the authorities to investigate the matter properly lent increased urgency to these questions. According to the studies of the researcher Wilhelm Heitmeyer, every second person interviewed felt that Germany was "dangerously swamped by foreigners." Almost one in three people feel "like strangers in their own country because of the many Muslims that live here."


19 September 2012, 7:30 pm


Glass Courtyard, ground level




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Are Germans becoming more racist? And if this is true, what is the reason for this trend? How can we deal with the phenomenon and how can we counteract it?

Discussion panel:
Mehmet Gürcan Daimagüler (lawyer and author)
Micha Guttmann (lawyer and member of the parliament of the Jewish Community of Berlin)
Mark Terkessidis (psychologist and author)
Nuran Yigit (project head at the Anti-Discrimination-Network Berlin (ADNB) of the Turkish Association in Berlin-Brandenburg)
Andreas Zick (Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence)
Moderator: Isabel Schayani (journalist at ARD [Germany’s First Public TV-Channel])

A recording of the event can be found on our YouTube channel (in German).

Consulted by DeutschPlus e.V. - Initiative for a Plural Republic.

Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung

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