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Inwardly Circumcised Jews

On Eduard Fuchs' "The Jews in Caricature"
11 October 2012

Book presentation

Book cover (detail)

Book cover (detail)
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Eduard Fuchs was a cultural historian, highly esteemed by Walter Benjamin. In addition to an extensive, six-volume history of manners, he published "The Woman in Caricature" and most notably the richly illustrated study "The Jews in Caricature."
To this day, this collection remains irreplaceable for a history of antisemitism. However, Eduard Fuchs, who saw himself as a Marxist, is exemplary of the possible pitfalls and tragic mistakes that can be found among Marxists’ criticisms of antisemitism.


11 October 2012, 7.30 pm


Old Building, ground level, Auditorium




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Micha Brumlik’s study of Fuchs’ "The Jews in Caricature" will be published in September by "konkret" Publishers - a controversial analysis that at the same time makes a large number of Fuchs’ cartoons accessible again.

Micha Brumlik and the publisher Hermann Gremliza will present the book.

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