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Yfaat Weiss: "Verdrängte Nachbarn"

The author Yfaat Weiss talks to the journalist Joseph Croitoru
8 November 2012

Moderation: Marianne Zepp

Portrait Yfaat Weiss

Yfaat Weiss
© private

Haifa in 1959 saw violence between Jewish immigrants from Morocco and the Israeli authorities which went down in history as the "Wadi Salib riots." Behind this well-known event in Israel lies a forgotten chapter of local history - an intact Arab neighborhood could be found in Wadi Salib until 1948 from which the inhabitants fled and were expelled in the wake of the war between Arabs and Jews.
Yfaat Weiss, this year’s recipient of the Hannah Arendt Prize, discloses the hidden stories of this district that were suppressed and buried by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


8 November 2012, 7:30 pm


Old Building, ground level, Auditorium




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