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Ask me, I’m not Jewish

1 September 2013

Plexiglass showcase in the special exhibition

Plexiglass showcase in the special exhibition "The Whole Truth...everything you always wanted to know about Jews"
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Linus Lintner

A showcase at the Jewish Museum Berlin has become famous. It is part of the current exhibition "The Whole Truth ... everything you always wanted to know about Jews." Daily except Saturdays since March, Jewish guests have taken a seat in the plexiglass showcase and answered the question "Are there still Jews in Germany?." This concept has been the source of worldwide enthusiasm, discussions, and criticism – an ideal opportunity to follow up with a further initiative.


1 September 2013, 12 to 7 pm


Old Building, first level


with the museum ticket: 7 euros, 3.50 euros reduced rate


Gesa Struve
Tel: +49 (0)30 259 93 517
Fax: +49 (0)30 259 93 409

On the final day of the special exhibition under the motto "Ask me, I’m not Jewish," guests will take a seat in our display case who are not Jewish but are often subjected to presuppositions due to their origin or appearance. Tuba Arikan has been invited. She is a German Muslim who grew up in an Anatolian family of guest workers in Berlin. As she wears a headscarf, she is confronted with questions about her identity always and everywhere. "Without an ironic approach to my everyday life, I would go crazy!" she says. She and four other guests will answer questions.

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