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Stauffenbergs Gefährten - Das Schicksal der unbekannten Verschwörer

(Stauffenberg's Companions - The fate of the Unknown Conspirators)
12 September 2013

Reading with Antje Vollmer and Lars-Broder Keil

Book Cover

Book Cover of "Stauffenbergs Gefährten - Das Schicksal der unbekannten Verschwörer"
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The assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944 is mainly associated with the name Stauffenberg. By comparison, many of the other resistance fighters who participated have to this day not received the acknowledgement and appreciation due to them. Planning and attempting to carry out such a coup would not have been possible without their efforts. In ten portraits, the authors present some of these resistance fighters against Hitler, describing their actions and motivations as well as the fate of their families. They thus expand the perspective on the different origins of Nazi resistance.


12 September 2013, 7:30 am


Old Building, ground floor, Auditorium


7 euros, reduced rate 5 euros


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