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Ludwig Greve - Autobiographische Schriften und Briefe

(Ludwig Greve - Autobiographical Writings and Letters)
30 September 2013

Reading with Ingo Schulze and Ulrich Noethen

Book Cover

Book Cover of "Ludwig Greve - Autobiographische Schriften und Briefe"
© Wallstein Verlag

Born in Berlin in 1924, Ludwig Greve was a poet who was banished by the Nazis and whose work is thus little known today. Reason enough for the German Academy for Language and Poetry and the Wüstenrot Foundation to republish his "Autobiographical Writings and Letters" with an essay by Ingo Schulze with Wallstein Publishers. They allow insight into the life of the German-Jewish poet who survived persecution in France and Italy, was able to emigrate to Palestine in 1945, and later returned to Germany.

Ingo Schulze will present the poet and Ulrich Noethen will read the texts.


30 September 2013, 7:30 pm


Old Building, second floor, Great Hall


7 euros, reduced rate 5 euros


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Gesa Struve
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With words of welcome by Friedrich Pfäfflin

A cooperation project of the Wüstenrot Foundation and the German Academy for Language and Poetry at Wallenstein Publishers.

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