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Quo vadis Migration Politics?

Panel Discussion

22 November 2013

Portraits Miguel Vicente, Aleksandra Lewicki, Aygül Özkan, Dietrich Thränhardt (from left to right)

Miguel Vicente, Aleksandra Lewicki, Aygül Özkan, Dietrich Thränhardt (from left to right)


22 November 2013, 6:30 pm


Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Academy Hall




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Germany is an immigrant society with open borders within the EU and transnational migratory flows beyond Europe. People come and go, the population is plural, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic. However, the approaches of integration and migration policies often stem from an outdated paradigm: a homogeneous host society into which immigrants must be integrated.

At the first joint meeting of the Jewish Museum Berlin Academy and the Migration Council, science meets politics – migration researchers discuss with policy makers after the election how new approaches to migration and integration policy in Germany could look.

The panel discussion is part of the symposium "Migration and Integration Politics Today."

A cooperation with the Migration Council.

Dr. Aleksandra Lewicki, University of Bristol
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Thränhardt, University of Münster
Aygül Özkan, Former Minister and Member of the Executive Board of the CDU
Miguel Vicente, State Commissioner for Migration and Integration in Rhineland-Palatinate
Chair: Yasemin Shooman, Director of Academy Programs of Migration and Diversity

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