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Christmas and other Stories and Methods of Recording Time / Calendars

Talk by Rabbi Daniel Katz

3 December 2013

Program accompanying the special exhibition "A Time for Everything. Rituals Against Forgetting"

Portrait Daniel Katz

Rabbi Daniel Katz
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Thomas Valentin Harb

Christmas and Hanukkah have neither anything essential nor theological in common. Christians celebrate the consecration of a time (the birth of Jesus) and the Jews the consecration of a place (the Temple). Rabbi Daniel Katz talks about consecrated days and consecrated people, about the ritual processes of festivals and how they have changed over time. He wonders how it would be if Christians celebrated Yom Kippur and if the birthday of other "celebrities" established our era – and turns time and again and not least back to the central question of what religion has in common with football.


3 December 2013, 7 pm


Old Building, ground level, Auditorium




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