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Social Exclusion and Politics of Anti-Discrimination and Minority Empowerment in Europe and the U.S.

5 + 6 December 2013

Portrait Lonnie Bunch

Lonnie Bunch
© Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African American History and Culture

5.12., 7.30 pm, Talk and Panel Discussion
"The Challenge of Interpreting Race in American Museums," Lonnie Bunch, Director, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington D.C.

Discussion with Cilly Kugelmann, Program Director, Jewish Museum Berlin, and Philippa Ebené, Director Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

The event is in English with German translation.

In his talk "The Challenge of Interpreting Race in American Museums," founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., Lonnie Bunch, considers how an appropriate depiction of Black History in the U.S. museum landscape might look. A recording of his talk is available on our YouTube channel. A subsequent panel discussion explores the challenges of representing minorities in cultural institutions from the American and the German perspective.
Chair: Mekonnen Mesghena, Heinrich Böll Foundation

6.12. at 6 pm
Panel Discussion: "Coalition Building for an Inclusive Society"

This event is in English.

What active role do minority organizations play in the fight against discrimination and social exclusion? How can these organizations be reinforced in their work? American, British, and German representatives of NGOs from the field of anti-discrimination work will discuss their experiences of co-operating with other minority communities and the conditions necessary for successful social coalitions.
Hazeen Ashby, National Urban League, Washington, D.C.
Julian Teixeira,  National Council of La Raza, Washington, D.C.
Nazek Ramadan, Migrant Voice, London
Lydia Nofal, Network against Discrimination of Muslims, Berlin
Chair: Bilgin Ayata, Freie Universität Berlin


5 + 6 December 2013, 5 December: 7.30 pm, 6 December: 6 pm


Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Academy Hall




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These evening events are part of the conference "Social Exclusion and Politics of Anti-discrimination and Minority Empowerment in Europe and the United States", which is a cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the British Council. The aim of the two-day conference is the exchange of best practice on a transatlantic level. The conference will examine the implications of anti-discrimination policies and potential inclusion policies with a focus on the agency and empowerment of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

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