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We, the new Germans - Who we are, what we want

Alice Bota, Khuê Pham und Özlem Topçu

15 January 2014

Reading and Discussion as Part of the Series "New German Stories"


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Nearly 16 million people in Germany have a so-called migration background. Whether they were born here or immigrated - most of them are time and again made to feel that they live in a society whose self-image excludes them. But what does it mean to be German today?

The journalists Alice Bota, Khuê Pham, and Özlem Topçu tell in their book "We, the new Germans" their stories of a life beyond distinct ethnicities. They talk about their multiple identities, their different backgrounds and come to the conclusion that they are - despite everything and because of it all the more - a part of this society.


15 January 2014, 7.30 pm


Academy, Hall


5 euros, reduced rate 3 euros


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Chaired by Yasemin Shooman, director, academy programs "Migration and Diversity"

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