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The "Simson" Case - Liquidation and Restitution of a Company through the "Treuhandanstalt", 1990-1993


23 January 2014

View of the Simson plant at the beginning of the 1920s

View of the Simson plant at the beginning of the 1920s
© Dennis Baum

The "Simson" company reflects like no other the eventful German history of the 20th century. The Jewish merchant family, Simson, founded its weapon and vehicle factory in Suhl/ Thuringia in 1856. In 1935, the owners were expropriated without compensation and the Simson family managed to immigrate to the United States.


23 January 2014, 7 pm


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The company remained in state ownership until 1989. In 1990, the Treuhandanstalt took over the privatization and thus one of the largest restitution cases after 1989. What made the case particularly controversial was that the Jewish heirs wanted to acquire parts of the business, but the Treuhandanstalt did not accept their bid.

Twenty years on, the former protagonists meet again and discuss the tumultuous events after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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