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"As if it were a Life"
Reading from the "Tatsachenbericht" by Philipp Manes, 1942-1944

Reading with the actor Frank Riede, annotated by the editor Ben Barkow

27 February 2014

Key Focus on the Terezín Ghetto in the Program Surrounding the "Defiant Requiem"


27 February 2014, 7.30 pm


Academy, Hall




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In February 1944, one and a half years after his deportation from Berlin, the tradesman Philipp Manes began a comprehensive report about life in the Terezín concentration camp. Manes headed the service that planned and organized more than 500 lectures, readings, and poetry competitions during his more than two-year imprisonment. His records covering 986 pages give a detailed picture of the camp’s structure, describe the different living conditions of the Czech and German inmates, portray numerous people, and describe the circumstances of the transports to Auschwitz, which also included himself and his wife in October 1944.

A Cooperation with the Wiener Library, London.

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