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Zbyněk Brynych
"Transport aus dem Paradies" (Transport from paradise)

Film showing with an introduction by Hanno Loewy, film scholar and director of the Jewish Museum Hohenems

1 March 2014

Key Focus on the Terezín Ghetto in the Program Surrounding the "Defiant Requiem"


Filmstill "Transport aus dem Paradies" (Transport from paradise)
© The National film Archive Praque


1 March 2014, 7:30 pm


Academy, Hall




Signe Rossbach
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Zbyněk Brynych, known later in West Germany as the style-defining director of "Derrick" and "Der Alte," addresses in his feature film shot in CSSR the forced "involvement" by the Nazis of victims in the process of their own destruction. The sometimes surreal, sometimes bitingly satirical film about the Terezín Ghetto and its Jewish elder "Marmulstaub" is based on Arnost Lustig’s autobiographical book "Nacht und Hoffnung" (Night and hope). "Transport aus dem Paradies" (Transport from paradise) was one of the first films of the 1960s to explore without moral ambiguity the shadiness of the relationship between victim and perpetrator under the despotic rule of absolute domination and destruction. An historical documentary feature film that merits rediscovery.

Transport aus dem Paradies (Tránsport z raje)
Directed by Zbyněk Brynych, CSSR 1963, 98 min.

=> Please note: The originally announced film by Claude Lanzmann "Le dernier des injustes" (3 pm) cannot be shown!
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