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Ilse Bing and Ellen Auerbach

Two Film portraits by Antonia Lerch

14 April 2014

Monday Movies: Program Surrounding the Special Exhibition "In an Instant. Photographs by Fred Stein"

Self-portrait Ilse Bing, 1931

Self-portrait Ilse Bing, 1931
© Jewish Museum Berlin


14 April 2014, 7:30 pm


Old Building, ground level, Auditorium



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Ilse Bing and Ellen Auerbach – both were of Jewish descent and born around 1900 in Germany. They studied in Germany and emigrated in the 1930s. Each was an exceptional photographer.

In 1992, Antonia Lerch, documentary maker from Berlin, visited the artists in New York. She lets them speak for themselves, gently, without comment or making a show of it. The results are direct, touching movies in which personality history, contemporary history, and the history of photography flow together in a harmonious way. A stirring cultural testimony to a past generation.

Film showing attended by the film director
Documentary films, each 57 minutes, 1992, New York

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