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The "Koscher Light" Generation
Young Russian-speaking Jews in Berlin

Reading and Discussion with Alina Gromova

9 September 2014

Part of the Series "New German Stories"

Portrait Alina Gromova

Alina Gromova
© Judith Metze

Which role do urban spaces play for the identities of young, Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants living in Germany today? The ethnologist Alina Gromova accompanied 15 young adults for one year through their daily lives, following them to Jewish meeting places and parties, cafés and homes, synagogues and clubs. Where Jewish, Russian, German, Israeli and Muslim traditions meet, Jewish religion and symbolism are treated informally:


9 September 2014, 7.30 pm


Academy Hall


5 euros, reduced rate 3 euros

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The "kosher light" generation eludes the clear classification into ethnic and religious categories. The religion and tradition that they live follow the laws of urbanity and thus form a new understanding of what is Jewish.

Moderated by:
Yasemin Shooman, Head of the Academy Programs Migration and Diversity

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