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About the Museum

The Museum Garden © Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jonas Ludwig Walter

The Jewish Museum Berlin opened in September 2001. Two years earlier, the empty new building by architect Daniel Libeskind was an unexpected visitor attraction. In this section, we present the building complex in image and text: The Old Building – the baroque Collegienhaus, the postmodern Libeskind Building, the Glass Courtyard erected in 2007, and the new Academy opened in 2012. The circumstances of the museum’s foundation, the collections it is based on, and the people who have directed its development can be found here as well as personalities of public life who are dedicated to intercultural understanding and have been honored with the Jewish Museum’s Prize for Understanding and Tolerance. Looking into the future, we invite all who want to become members of the museum to join one of our donor programs.


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View of the Jewish Museum Berlin from above, Libeskind Building
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

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