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Janine Lehmann
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The following catalogs assemble academic articles and essays documenting, explaining and supplementing selected special exhibitions.

Cover of "Deadly Medicine" portraying a measuring table of human eye colors
Deadly Medicine
Creating the Master Race
Book on the Exhibition

Over 210,000 of the mentally handicapped and mentally ill were murdered, 400,000 men and women underwent forced sterilization, and numerous psychiatric patients died as a result of medical trials between 1933 and 1945 in Germany.

16,90 euros

Cover of "Ruth Jacobi" displaying a photo of a woman walking with a goose on a leash
Ruth Jacobi. Photographs
The Ruth Jacobi Exhibition Book

"Every photo I took was an event for me. It seemed to me that I was just beginning to gain sight. I saw everything in a new light."

24,90 euros

Cover of "Raub und Restitution"
Looting and Restitution
Jewish-Owned Cultural Artifacts from 1933 to the Present
Book On The Exhibition

The well-illustrated exhibition book provides extensive information on the historical background to the looting of cultural artifacts and how their loss through persecution is handled today.

9,90 euros

Cover of "Pavel Schmidt: f.k."
Pavel Schmidt: Franz Kafka. Verschrieben & Verzeichnet
Exhibition book: "Pavel Schmidt: f.k."

The 49 illustrations were created over a period of four years since 2002. Pavel Schmidt worked on the picture cycle on trips to Munich, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Bern, Venice, Florence, New York, Strasbourg, and Prague, in hotels, cafés, interstate service areas, restaurants, and parks.

28 euros

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