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Janine Lehmann
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The following catalogs assemble academic articles and essays documenting, explaining and supplementing selected special exhibitions.

Cover of "Pavel Schmidt: f.k."
Pavel Schmidt: Franz Kafka. Verschrieben & Verzeichnet
Exhibition book: "Pavel Schmidt: f.k."

The 49 illustrations were created over a period of four years since 2002. Pavel Schmidt worked on the picture cycle on trips to Munich, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Bern, Venice, Florence, New York, Strasbourg, and Prague, in hotels, cafés, interstate service areas, restaurants, and parks.

28 euros

Book cover of "typisch!" with a drawing of a large nose, peyes and a hat
Typical! Clichés about Jews and Others
Book on the Exhibition

Are black athletes better than white athletes? Do homosexuals have a particular appreciation for art? Are pipe smokers easygoing and do Jews have long noses?

24,90 euros

Cover of "Dateline: Israel"
Dateline: Israel / Betrifft: Israel
New Photography and Video Art
Exhibition catalog

In three illuminating essays the authors of this exhibition catalog examine the role of art and the artist in Israel today.

29,90 euros

Cover of "Charlotte Salomon" portraying a woman at seaside (painting)
Charlotte Salomon - Life? Or Theater?
Exhibition catalog

Contributions by Judith C. Belinfante, Joel Cahen, Christine Fischer-Defoy,
Martin Mansoor, Ad Petersen, Angeli Sachs, Gerhard Schoenberner, Sabine
Schulze, Lonnie Stegink and Edward van Voolen.

24,95 euros

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