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Janine Lehmann
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The following catalogs assemble academic articles and essays documenting, explaining and supplementing selected special exhibitions.

Cover of "Charlotte Salomon" portraying a woman at seaside (painting)
Charlotte Salomon - Life? Or Theater?

Exhibition catalog

Contributions by Judith C. Belinfante, Joel Cahen, Christine Fischer-Defoy,
Martin Mansoor, Ad Petersen, Angeli Sachs, Gerhard Schoenberner, Sabine
Schulze, Lonnie Stegink and Edward van Voolen.

24,95 euros (out of print)

Cover of the book "The Danube Exodus -  The Rippling Currents of the River"
Donau Exodus. In den Wirbeln des Stroms
The Danube Exodus. The Rippling Currents of the River
Péter Forgács und Labyrinth Project
Exhibition Catalog

The interactive multimedia installation "The Danube Exodus" by the Hungarian filmmaker and artist Péter Forgács and the Labyrinth Project focuses on expulsion.

9,80 euros

Cover of the book "Heimat und Exil" depicting a couple in front of the Statue of Liberty
Home and Exile.
Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933
Exhibition Catalog

A major exhibition organized by the Jewish Museum Berlin in cooperation with the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn deals with the escape, expulsion and new beginnings of German Jews after 1933.

24,90 euros

Cover of "Psychoanalyse" depicting Sigmund Freud as a doll
Sigmund Freud's 150th Birthday
Exhibition Catalog

In 2006 the creator of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, would have turned 150. An appropriate occasion to dedicate an unusual project to him and his invention.

24,90 euros

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