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Janine Lehmann
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The following catalogs assemble academic articles and essays documenting, explaining and supplementing selected special exhibitions.

Cover of the book "Weihnukka" with a drawing of Santa Claus and an orthodox Jew
Chrismukkah: Stories of Christmas and Hanukkah
Exhibition Catalog

Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated throughout the world in December - with gingerbread or latkes, between tradition, commerce, and family celebration, with a profession of one's religious beliefs or political message.

19,90 euros

Cover of "Kontrapunkt. Die Architektur von Daniel Libeskind"
The Architecture of Daniel Libeskind
Exhibition Brochure

To honor its outstanding architect, the Jewish Museum Berlin, in collaboration with the Barbican Centre, London, will open a special exhibition entitled "Counterpoint: The Architecture of Daniel Libeskind."

1 euro

Cover of the book "Carlo Levi" with a painting of a young boy
Carlo Levi
Ausgewählte Werke (Selected Works) 1926 - 1974
Exhibition Catalog

Carlo Levi (1902–1975) is known in Germany mainly for his novel "Christ Stopped at Eboli," which was published in 1945. He was one of the most important painters of the Italian realist movement.

7,50 euros

Cover of the book "Disposable Eyes" with a wrapped, disposable camera
EinmalBlicke/Disposable Eyes
Pen-Pal Project and Promised Land
Exhibition Catalog

The exhibition "Disposable Eyes" merges two photo projects: "Promised Land" by Suzanna Lauterbach (Berlin) and "Pen-Pal" by Eytan Shouker & Eldad Cidor (Tel Aviv).

5 euros

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