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Janine Lehmann
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The following catalogs assemble academic articles and essays documenting, explaining and supplementing selected special exhibitions.

Cover of the catalog "Berlin Transit"
Berlin Transit
Jewish Immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 1920s

From the turn of the 19th to the 20th century until after World War I, Berlin was a place of refuge and a way station for tens of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe. Drawing on their wide social networks and fluency in many languages, the immigrants shaped the city culturally and socially, though much of their activity is absent in Berlin’s cultural memory.

24,90 euros

Cover of the book "Heimatkunde" with many red and black images on a gold background
Heimatkunde (How German is it?)
30 Artists' Notion of Home

This catalog in German language documents and supplements the exhibition "How German is it? 30 Artists' Notion of Home" with essays by the curators and images of the artworks presented in the exhibition.

14,95 euros (Museum edition)

Cover of "Heroes, Freaks, and Super-Rabbis" depicting a fist tearing through paper
Heroes, Freaks, and Super-Rabbis
The Jewish Dimension of Comic Art (sold-out)

In conjunction with the exhibition "Heroes, Freaks, and Super-Rabbis. The Jewish Dimension of Comic Art," the Jewish Museum Berlin presents a full-color, illustrated catalogue. The themes addressed in the exhibition are pursued in greater depth in seven texts.

19,80 euros

Cover of "Koscher & Co." with a smoked fish
"Koscher & Co. Über Essen und Religion" (Kosher & Co. On Food and Religion)
Exhibition book

Dietary laws and prohibitions can be found in all religions and all religious cultures. Nutritional taboos, the distinction between pure and impure, the use of edibles in religious ceremonies, and festive dishes are just a few of the aspects which shape our food intake.

24,90 euros (Museum edition. Softbound with folded covers, with an index of the exhibits)

29,90 euros (Bookshop edition. Hardback with jacket)

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