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The JMB Journal keeps its readers up to date, offering many perspectives on the themes and activities of the Jewish Museum Berlin. You may order it free of charge.

The cover of the JMB journal
The JMB Journal

The sixth issue of the JMB Journal is dedicated to the concept of "generations." The cover page shows a detail from Israeli artist Moshe Moograbi’s installation "Family Album." The bundle of photo albums strung together evokes the memories which are kept and passed on from one generation to the next. The articles in the Journal guide you through select aspects of our subject, and emphasize the special importance attached to the concept of "generations" in Judaism. Among the contributors to this issue are the theologian Melanie Köhlmoos, the genealogist Pamela Weisberger, Rabbi Seth Farber, and sociologist Lena Inowlocki.

You can browse through and read this issue of the JMB journal on issuu.com.

The cover of the JMB journal
The JMB Journal
10 Years

Anniversaries are occasions for reflection and commemoration. At the same time, we want to use this moment to consider what lies ahead. In the anniversary issue of our JMB Journal you will find memories of past events as well as visions for the future: in articles on the very first and often difficult steps that were necessary for the founding of an independent Jewish Museum in Berlin, in personal recollections, in contemplations on our continuing collection efforts and in ideas for the expansion of our programs in an ever-changing society. Naturally, those without whom the museum would not be what it is today, also have their say: our friends and supporters, whose greetings and thoughts fill this issue’s "Inside JMB."

You can browse through and read this issue of the JMB journal on issuu.com.

The cover of the JMB journal

The JMB Journal

Radical Jewish?

This spring, the Jewish Museum Berlin dedicates
itself to this movement in an exhibition that illuminates
its birth, its protagonists, and the frequently political
discussions revolving around “Radical Jewish Culture.”
You can read the seminal text of the time in this
special issue of our JMB Journal: in 1992, Marc Ribot
and John Zorn wrote a manifesto titled “ Just what is
this Radical New Jewish Culture?”—formulating for
the first time questions that would continue to occupy
the New York music world for nearly twenty years.

The cover of the JMB journal shows the businessman Ben Ami as an angel.
The JMB Journal

The cover of the third issue of the JMB Journal shows the businessman Oved Ben Ami (1905-1989) depicted as a whimsically smiling angel by the Israeli photographer Micha Kirshner. This issue takes a look at "business" from perspectives as diverse as Jewish economic ethics, stereotypes suggestive of a special relationship between Jews and money, and reflections on politics, history and biography. Among the authors are the writer Doron Rabinovici, Corinne and Robert Sauer, both founders of the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, as well as Nathan Kaplan, a young business consultant.

You can browse through and read this issue of the JMB journal on issuu.com.

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