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Our Series "Zeitzeugnisse"


Janine Lehmann
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Zeitzeugnisse (Testimonies) is a series of books published from 2001 to 2004 by the Jewish Museum Berlin and DuMont Literatur and Kunst Verlag. Among the titles are art historical studies, biographical essays and historical analyses of individual objects, themes or time periods.

Cover of "Easy as That" showing young children on a balcony
"Easy as That"
Jewish Childhood and Youth in Germany after 1945

Nothing could be taken for granted growing up as a Jew after 1945.

5 euros

Cover of "Built of Contradictions" displaying a photo of the author
"Built of Contradictions"
The Diary of Gertrud Bleichröder from the Year 1888

This personal diary written by a young woman of the Jewish bourgeoisie is a historical stroke of luck: The 23-year-old Gertrud, niece of the banker Gerson von Bleichröder, makes her way in Berlin in the year of the three emperors.

5 euros

Cover of "Jewish Forced Laborers at Ehrich and Graetz, Berlin Treptow" displaying a stamped document
Jewish Forced Laborers at Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin Treptow
Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin

More than 500 Berlin Jews were bound to forced labor at the factory of the metal and electrical company Ehrich & Graetz in Berlin Treptow between autumn 1940 and February 1943. At the "Final Roundup" on 27 February 1943, the last remaining Jewish forced laborers were seized, interned, and then for the most part deported.

5 euros

Cover of the book "For the Pampered Audience" with a greeting card displaying a woman waving a flag
"For the Pampered Audience"
On New Year's Greetings and Other Fancy Papers
An essay by Iris Blochel-Dittrich
Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin

In its heyday between 1870/71 and World War I, the luxury paper industry produced an abundance of articles "for the pampered audience."

5 euros

Cover of "Dem Deutschen Volke" showing two men attaching a bronze S to the Reichstag
"Dem Deutschen Volke"
(To the German People)
The Story of the Loevy Bronze Foundry from Berlin

"Dem Deutschen Volke." The bronze inscription was mounted on the Reichstag building in Berlin during the First World War - a commission for the purveyors to the court Albert and Siegfried Loevy.

5 euros

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