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Our Series "Zeitzeugnisse"


Janine Lehmann
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Zeitzeugnisse (Testimonies) is a series of books published from 2001 to 2004 by the Jewish Museum Berlin and DuMont Literatur and Kunst Verlag. Among the titles are art historical studies, biographical essays and historical analyses of individual objects, themes or time periods.

Cover of "Unafraid - On the Way to Palestine"
On the Way to Palestine: Tereska Torres' Film Diary from 1947

"The Illegals," the documentary feature film by the American war reporter and author Meyer Levin on the illegal immigration of Displaced Persons into the British mandated territory of Palestine, provides unique documentation of European post-war history and pre-Israel history.

5 euros

Cover of "Familienbilder" showing a detail from a painting of elegant society
Family Pictures
Self-Portrayal among the Jewish Bourgeoisie
An essay concerned with the history of art and culture on the exhibition "Striking Poses. Family Portraits from Jewish Society," 6 October to 16 January 2005

There is no image so strongly associated with the Biedermeier era as that of the family. Head foresters, clergymen, merchants, and artists with wife and children gathered round welcome the observer into their parlor. They put on a little show for him/her entitled "Joyous Family Life."

5 euros

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