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Katharina Schmidt-Narischkin
Head of Press and Public Relations
Tel: +49 (0)30 259 93 419
Fax: +49 (0)30 259 93 400

The use of these press photos to illustrate editorial contributions on the Jewish Museum Berlin with mention of the picture information and copyright details is free of charge. For other uses, please contact us to clarify questions of costs and rights.

Please consult the German press pages for photos to download. If you would like captions or photo descriptions in English, please contact our press department.

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Directors of the Jewish Museum Berlin


Program Director

Managing Director
(Geschäftsführender Direktor)

Organizational Director

Founding Director


Libeskind Building: Exterior Views
(Libeskind-Bau: Außenansichten)

Libeskind Building: Interior Views
(Libeskind-Bau: Innenansichten)

Old Building (Kollegienhaus)

Glass Courtyard


Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition: Rooms
(Dauerausstellung: Raumansichten)

Permanent Exhibition: Images and Objects
(Dauerausstellung: Objektansichten)

Permanent Exhibition: "On Trial: Auschwitz / Majdanek"
(Dauerausstellung: »Vor Gericht: Auschwitz / Majdanek«

Permanent Exhibition: Art Vending Machine
(Dauerausstellung: Kunstautomat)

Special Exhibitions

Snip it! Stances on Ritual Circumcision
(Haut ab! Haltungen zur rituellen Beschneidung)

Pictures Galore and Collecting Mania - Advertising in Miniature
(Sammelwut und Bilderflut - Werbegeschichte im Kleinformat)

"bios [torah]" Installation
(Die Kunst-Installation »bios [torah]«)



on.tour - The Jewish Museum Berlin Tours Schools
(on.tour - Das Jüdische Museum Berlin macht Schule)

Prize for Understanding and Tolerance, 8 Novemver 2014
(Preis für Verständigung und Toleranz, 8.11.2014)

Café Schmus
(Café Schmus)

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