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January 30, 2013 marks the eightieth anniversary of the appointment of Adolf Hitler as German Chancellor. The online project “1933: The Beginning of the End of German Jewry” presents a variety of primary source materials that bear witness to the disenfranchisement and exclusion of German Jews.

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The objects a museum displays are significant. But what museums won’t show you can be equally revealing. In these film clips, staff of the Jewish Museum Berlin talk about what you won’t see, thereby shedding light on German-Jewish life, on collecting, restoring, presenting, as well as on ethical questions and political debates.

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A culture of holiday greetings developed in Germany between 1890 and 1910. Hundreds of paintings and illustrations of Jewish life were reproduced as postcards which were then traded, collected and sent off to family and friends.


Faith comes in all shapes and sizes. It casts a spell on things, customs and places. The nine animated movies presented in this picture portray "matters of faith" in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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The Jewish Museum Berlin presents a brief history of Jewish football (USA: soccer) from the nineteenth century to 2010.

Verschiedene Objekte aus dem 1. Weltkrieg


The collections of the Jewish Museum Berlin contain numerous artifacts related to the First World War. Short video-clips explain the meaning of this war for German-Jewish commemorative culture.

Websites for Special Exhibitions

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    Bedřich Fritta

    Drawings from the Theresienstadt Ghetto

    5/17/2013 to 9/29/2013 and 2/28/2014 to 5.4.2014

    The exhibition shows the work of the Czech-Jewish artist and caricaturist Bedřich Fritta produced in the Theresienstadt ghetto between 1942 and 1944. It focuses on the artistic means by which Fritta comments on and interprets daily life in the ghetto.

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    A Time for Everything

    Rituals Against Forgetting

    10/18/2013 to 2/9/2014

    The exhibition focuses on strategies against forgetting from a Jewish perspective. It shows the origin of Jewish rituals of transition and remembrance, how they are practiced, and what they mean. In addition to the cyclical religious rituals of remembrance, strategies against historical forgetting are shown.

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    R.B. Kitaj (1932–2007)


    9/21/2012 to 1/27/2013

    The American artist R.B. Kitaj was one of the trailblazers of British figurative art in the 1960s. Beginning in the 1970s, Kitaj positioned himself as a Jewish artist, seeing himself as initiating a "diasporic" modern art.

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    Russians Jews Germans

    Photographs by Michael Kerstgens from 1992 to the Present

    4/20/2012 to 8/26/2012

    Michael Kerstgens documented the immigration of Russian-speaking Jews to Germany from the former Soviet Union. His pictures record religious celebrations and social events, everyday scenes, and individual families’ private moments.

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    Berlin Transit

    Jewish Immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 1920s

    3/23/2012 to 7/15/2012

    As a hub connecting East and West, Berlin was a place of refuge and a way station for tens of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe starting in the late nineteenth century, and particularly after the First World War.

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    How German is it?

    30 Artists' Notion of Home

    9/16/2011 to 1/29/2012

    Is there such a thing as a collective national identity? How do the citizens of Germany and the people from other countries who live in Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt see themselves? At its core of this exhibition are works by thirty artists of different origins who live in Germany.

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    Heroes, Freaks, and Super-Rabbis

    The Jewish Dimension of Comic Art

    4/29/2010 to 8/8/2010

    Superman was first penned by a Jewish illustrator as was Batman, Spiderman and other contemporary heroes. This exhibition shows the Jewish hues of this pop-cultural medium and its history, with objects from more than 45 artists.

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    Koscher & Co

    On Food and Religion

    10/9/2009 to 2/28/2010

    This exhibition traces an arc from the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia all the way through to the current state of Jewish cuisine. The kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws, along with everything else that has anything to do with food in Judaism right up to the present day, are the focus of the exhibition.

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    Deadly Medicine

    Creating the Master Race

    3/13/2009 to 7/19/2009

    The exhibition on race as the key theme of the National Socialist health and demographic policy was first shown at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. This exhibition has been enlarged so as to include regional information from Berlin and Brandenburg.

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    Looting and Restitution

    Jewish-Owned Cultural Artifacts from 1933 to the Present

    9/19/2008 to 2/1/2009

    Sixty years after the end of the war, looting and restitution of Jewish cultural artifacts is still a topic of burning interest. The exhibition narrates the historical events, context, and consequences of the looting carried out by the Nazis throughout Europe.

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    Clichés about Jews and Others

    3/20/2008 to 8/3/2008

    The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the world of images which aid us in our orientation every day. It shows objects, photographs, and audiovisuals that either feature people or make statements about them, and explores how some of them spread stereotypical messages.

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    "Dateline Israel"

    New Photography and Video Art

    12/14/2007 to 2/24/2008

    "Dateline Israel" offers insight into the daily lives of people living in a politically tense region whose lives are under constant threat. Over 20 artists, among them several Europeans, present the life and culture of a nation where politics penetrates every area of creative work.

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    Charlotte Salomon

    Life? Or Theater?

    8/17/2007 to 11/25/2007

    The exhibition shows 277 Gouaches from a painting series by Charlotte Salomon alongside photos, original documents, and a contemporary installation by the Belgian artist Chantal Akerman.

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    Before the Eyes of the World

    Projection of Photographs from Darfur

    3/15/2007 to 3/22/2007

    The Jewish Museum Berlin projects more than 170 pictures from Darfur taken by eight well-known photographers onto three 30m² screens on the Museum façade each night of the campaign week.

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    Home and Exile

    Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933

    9/28/2006 to 4/9/2007

    The exhibition tells of persecution and preparing for flight, of journeys to an uncertain future, and from beginning anew in a foreign world. Covering issues of daily life, adaptation, and integration, the exhibition looks at the geographical and emotional location of "home."

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    150 years of Sigmund Freud

    4/7/2006 to 9/22/2006

    Sigmund Freud would have turned 150 in 2006. Taking the most important stages in Freud's life and his best-known case studies as a starting point, the exhibition allows visitors insight into the worlds of obsessive-compulsive neurosis, the castration complex, and the superego.

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    Stories of Christmas and Hanukkah

    10/28/2005 to 1/29/2006

    What is behind the ironic expression "Chrismukkah"? Why are candles lit on Hanukkah? What is the oil wonder all about? What does a Roman sun god have to do with Christmas? The exhibition addresses these and a host of other questions.