Hanukkah commercialized

Gifts are not traditionally given on Hanukkah. Nevertheless, a small industry has started to develop Hanukkah products. No wonder that some objects in our collection are blue-white-plushy – and “made in China” …

The picture shows a doll made of skin-colored plush velvet. The figure is wearing a sleeveless, knee-length blue cotton tunic, which is girded and knotted at the waist with a violet ribbon.

Judah Maccabee rag doll JUDAH MACCABEE / The Hanukkah Hero!;  Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe


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Hanukkah Songs

Today there are many beautiful Hanukkah songs and many that are, well, less beautiful—we’ll leave it to you to decide which belong in which category…

The Vienna Jewish Choir singing an arrangement of the traditional Ashkenazi Ma’oz Tzur accompanied on the piano by Roman Grinberg.

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Hanukkah and Design

There are not many requirements for a hanukkah lamp. The basic elements are eight candle (or oil) holders arranged in a straight line. The ninth branch (called the “shamash” or “servant”) is used to light the others. The rest is up to the designer …

New York, New York

Hanukkah lamp New York City Skyline Memorial Menorah, designed by Shepsil Scheinberg; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

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