Comics in School and the Classroom

Further Training for Teachers and Other Education Professionals

For a long time it seemed as if the world of comics and the world of school were incompatible. Comics were unwelcome in schools, for they were held to be “food for the illiterate.” And schools in turn got a raw deal in comics, where they were portrayed as detention centers with inept or, at best, oddball teachers. In the meantime, comics have come to be considered as a reputable cultural medium, which plays a role not only in native or foreign language lessons but also in art classes.
We’d like to make a few suggestions as to how teachers and other educational staff can successfully integrate comics in curricular activities. The potential—also in view of the Holocaust—of using comics to make history accessible will thereby be discussed.

When: 1 July 2010, 3—6 p.m.
Where: Jewish Museum Berlin, Education Room, Old Building, Level 1
Cost: 5 Euro
Booking: Please book a place or contact us for further information at bildung[at] or call +49 30 25993 305 or send a fax to +49 30 29553 412.

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