The Ninth Art

Comics are an independent art form and occasionally also described as “the ninth art.” They tell (hi)stories. And often, they address historical events as a wound, as a joke, or as the impetus for personal identity. Comics draw on everyday circumstances, extraordinary events, great ambitions or minor details to visualize and condense the essence of things, and of that which underlies them. They thereby repeatedly subvert our habitual ways of seeing the world. The narrative style of Jewish comic illustrators, scriptwriters, and publishers allows us to share their perspectives. It renders visible the Jewish dimensions of the world (of comics).

The guided tour gives an insight into the history of comics, from early comic newspaper strips featuring the matchmaker “Gimpl Beinisch,” through the famous American superheroes and Art Spiegleman’s award-winning graphic novel “Maus,” to Joann Sfar’s “The Rabbi’s Cat.” It is designed for adults and for school-kids aged 15+.

When: Mondays at 6 p.m. and by appointment
Meeting Point: in the lobby
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Cost for School-kids: 2,75 euros incl. admission
Cost for Groups: 60 euros per guided tour + 2 euros admission per person
Nr of Participants: max. 15 persons per group (parallel guided tours are feasible)
Booking: Please book or contact us for further information at fuehrungen[at] or call +49 30 25993 305 or send a fax to +49 30 29553 412.

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