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Serial Art Dialogue: This Place

Event for Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin

The exhibition This Place brings together twelve international art photographers’ perspectives on the complexity of Israel and the West Bank. A total of more than 200 photographs combine into a polyphonic portrait.

Photo of a destert from the exhibition This Place

Fazal Sheikh, From the Desert Bloom series, 13. Nov 2011

In this new format, the Serial Art Dialogue, we will take our time and dedicate three evenings to the photographers’ idiosyncratic artistic voices with a focus on discussion and our experience of the photographs. In a group conversation with the guide, we will deepen our understanding of the works, the artists’ strategies, and the themes addressed.


Tuesday, 3 September 6.15–7.45 pm Frédéric Brenner, Fazal Sheikh,
Wendy Ewald
Tuesday, 10 September 6.15–7.45 pm Thomas Struth, Joseph Koudelka,
Jeff Wall
Tuesday, 17 September 6.15–7.45 pm Rosalind Fox Solomon, Junjin Lee,
Nick Waplingtonl

Please note that this event is a series. We recommend participating in all three evenings. Of course, it is also possible to attend these sessions individually.

Where, when, what?

  • Meeting PointWe will send you all further details following your firm booking

    Number of participantsUp to 15

    Deadline to register 23 August 2019

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