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“Cold, desolate acoustic”

Read along: Voided Void „Cold, desolate acoustic“

Jonas Hauer: “This Void, the Holocaust Tower, doesn’t just work on an architectural level of course, or on the level of what can be seen, but it works on a haptic level. I enter it and it is a totally different environment.
This tower sounds like … a large industrial space. It’s just not so big. It’s almost like a factory that’s had its walls pushed in, so I feel somehow crushed by them too. You can hear this quite clearly acoustically.
I hear the concrete. And because it has this one sharp corner … when I stand in this corner, I hear what it does to me. It’s a very strange, cold, desolate acoustic. I’d invite visitors to come in and maybe stand in different places and do this …”

Sound: he snaps fingers

Jonas Hauer: “… and hear what happens. What comes back? What comes back to me from different points? It’s very different when I stand in the corner from when I stand in the middle.
There’s a particular spot in this tower – visitors are welcome to try and find it – where I notice suddenly something coming back to me from all sides. I really feel like I’m standing at the focal point of a lens, right in the center. I send something out and it rushes straight back at me from all sides – it rushes at me from above, from below and from all sides. The place is really, really remarkable.”

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