The Children’s Island

A Playful Approach to Learning in the Permanent Exhibition

Children's Island

The Children’s Island; Jewish Museum Berlin

The Children’s Island is located at the end of the permanent exhibition on the first level. It seeks to answer the question, "What is a museum actually for?" A museum collects objects instead of throwing them away because these objects can teach us how people have lived in the past and live in the present.

Gebäudeplan mit Markierung des Libeskindbaus

Libeskind Building, level 1, permanent exhibition

Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

The colorful display cases feature mini-exhibitions on rotating topics, such as the major Jewish holidays and dietary laws. Sometimes the objects recount a moment of history, from Levi Strauss’s invention of blue jeans to the ocean voyage of Fritz Freudenheim, who was forced to flee Germany at age twelve in 1938.

Hands-on "touch-and-feel" boxes containing objects from different areas of Jewish life invite children to explore. There is also a giant puzzle made of blocks that double as seats. Anyone who would like to enrich our collection with a handmade picture has a chance to do so here.

Children-island exhibit located in the Permanent exhibit which offers many activites for children to learn about Jewish culture and tradition

Photo of the Children’s Island; Jewish Museum Berlin, Photo: Etta Grotrian

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Gebäudeplan mit Markierung des Libeskindbaus

Libeskind Building, level 1, permanent exhibition

Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

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What Awaits You in the Permanent Exhibition

We present a few of the topics, objects, and sections of the exhibition here in brief.

How to Get to the Permanent Exhibition

From the main entrance, our visitors descend a staircase into the Libeskind Building, where the permanent exhibition begins.

Matters of Faith

The three video viewing stations about "Matters of Faith" on the second level feature entertaining and important material about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Shabbat Table

The "Tradition and Change" section of our exhibition, on the second level, displays objects that relate to the day of rest.

O Christmas Tree!

During the German Empire, Christmas trees could be found in some Jewish households. You'll find ours in the section about "Family Life" in our permanent exhibition.


Jewish schools past and present. By listening and rummaging, you'll learn here about the Hebrew alphabet and the Jewish calendar.

In Exile

On the second level of our permanent exhibition

On Trial: Auschwitz and Majdanek

Portraits of participants in the Majdanek Trial in Düsseldorf and a film installation of opinions on the Auschwitz Trial on the first upper level.

What Would You Take Along?

You can find out what items Jewish children brought into exile on the first upper level and read each child's story.

Emigration Stories

On the Axis of Exile on the lower level of the Libeskind Building, you will find objects that people bought along when they emigrated.

The Children’s Island

On the first upper level, there is an area for children where they look at and even touch objects or draw their own pictures.


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