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Please note: currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions

Judaism for Beginners

Digital Workshop for 10 to 12 Year Old Children (in German)

Who is a Jew? When do Jews cover their head? Who defined the commandments in Judaism? Do all Jews keep to them?

Thu 18 Feb & 4 Mar 2021, 2 pm



The children will go in search of answers to these and other questions together with a Jewish Museum Berlin guide in an online video conference.

The central question is: What is Jewish?

Religiöse Gegenstände (Kippa, Kiddusch-Becher, Elias-Becher, Menora, Schofar)

Religious objects (kippa, Kiddush cup, Elias cup, menorah, shofar); Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Birgit Maurer-Porat

Where, when, what?

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